Brad Paisley Rockin it

My recent experiences at a Brad Paisley tour

If you want a tech-savvy star, Brad Paisley is certainly one of a kind who has created animation on screen with his amazing musical performances. Born in Alberta the country rock genius opened his show with a brilliant guitar performance with bounty full of soul to his music.

With tons of country musicians releasing famous albums, Brad Paisley is definitely one of the best on, and off stage. Gifted with creative talent, the singer-song writer has released music which talks about life and love. However reviews have criticized his concert performances for being monotonous.

If you’re watching the musician perform for the first time you might think he’s a catch in the country music industry. But his expressive work still faces criticism despite being a beautiful balance of fun loving notes and serious themes. The amazing guitar work has had exceptional influence on fans who still crave for more. Now at 41 years of age the musician did try to do something different with a reinvention on Saturday for his gig at Xcel Energy Center. His performance on Van Halen’s ‘Hot for Teacher’ that consisted of precise guitar picks can make any person’s eyes pop out. But with him performing his gig in the Twin cities for the sixth time where right from special effects to his basic moves on stage, all these routines are similar to his prior performances.

However the concert did have additional country stars performing alongside the musician. So with the introduction of Carrie Underwoods and Andy Griffith singing duets on screen he closed the deal with an exceptional jump inside a swimming pool. Though these acts do look similar according to recent assessment the concerts need renovation. However despite the criticism, Paisley’s sensitive side was revealed in his recent performances with the song ‘She’s Everything’ which is a sweet, plaintive song with a lot of emotional strings alongside. And with Paisley’s humor on stage, the concert introduced his latest album ‘Wheelhouse’ with a set of songs like ‘Outstanding in Our Field’, ‘Mud on Tires’, ‘Let is Snow’ and many more.